the Sacred Music Program at St. Paul

Music is not something extra, but is really integral to the Eucharistic celebration, and so the memebers of the St. Paul Choir, in a specific way, their time and talent up to the Lord, to make a :"joyful song" (Psalm 95).  If you are interested in joining the choir and/or cantoring, new members & new cantors are always welcome! Never cantored before? That's okay, we'll help you learn how! Contact Ben Ornelas by phone at the office (316) 684-6896 or by email at!

Choir at St. Paul CSC

St. Paul's choir meets on Tuesdays from 6-7, and a half hour before the mass assigned for the weekend.  The choir sings every week and includes additional music that ranges from chant to traditional.  Every Mass is accompanied by our parish organist, Ben Ornelas.  The choir is also accompanied by brass and instrumentalists throughout the year.  New members are always welcome!  

Below our choir sings "Requiem"  for their final choir mass of the school year

Please contact the Director of Hospitality & Liturgical Formation at