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The 2017 Spring Registration form is available at the bottom of the page, you may print it out and bring it in to the office completely filled out... please note that you do not need to fill out anything about the financial information, so do not fill it out below the signature line, as this course is funded through the Chair of Catholic Thought.

College students are introduced to deep philosophical questions through the unnerving short stories of Flannery O’Connor, the eye-popping characters of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Dante’s curious imagination who takes the reader on a journey into the darkest circle of Hell, and Thomas Aquinas, who challenges the mind and heart to realize its deepest longings are for Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  


 The students who participate in this unique, accredited program, college students can sense the motto of the course(s) come to life in them, which is “to be born in wonder."  The course challenges students to philosophize, and think critically about questions of ultimate importance; and yet these serious topics are brought to life in a fun way. 

If you register for these courses, you will begin a great philosophical journey—exploring the very works, thoughts, events, and personages that shaped the world we know and live in. Students who complete the course(s) will be empowered to engage the modern culture with an analytical mindset, by better understanding the philosophical presuppositions that shaped it.  

The Classical Humanities Program at St. Paul

HUM 2883: "Classical Humanities and the Foundation of Western Civilization: Pilgrims and Poets---Spring 2017

HUM 4883: "Classical Humanities and the Foundation of Western Civilization: Orators and Poets."---Spring 2017

At the bottom of this page, you will find the Wichita State University Faculty Senate Minutes that approved these courses for Wichita State Students' requirements in general education and further studies.   

For the first time, this Spring 2017, both courses will be offered in the Mary Frances Carney Classroom.   

  • If you are registered and active at St. Paul Catholic Student Center, then you qualify to participate int he St. Paul Classical Humanities program, which subsidized the cost of the course.  The Student pays only a flat fee of $100 for the cost of your books and Handouts.   

  • If you are not registered at St. Paul Catholic Student (or are not involved), enrollment is only $75 per credit hour ($225 for each class, plus book fees); so even if you paid full price, each course is only the fraction of the cost of a normal class, and each individual credit hour is simply $75. 

G.K. Chesterton once said: “any dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.”  These for-credit humanities program sets out to help students look at the world from the vantage point of the classical ideas, people, and great literary works that shaped it. 


What do our students say?

"I was challenged intellectually and spiritually through this class.  I learned a great deal through studying St. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop Robert Barron, St. Augustine, Dante and others." Riley Rathbun

"In a positive and constructive way, this class challenges popular opinion.  It allows you those things in a new light. Religious or not this class can be for anyone!."-Erika Canchola

"This class taught me that ideas are important, and that ideas have consequences." Nathan Schweers

"The lectures have truly helped me to handle social issues in a constructive way." Ali Rickert

"This course really makes you think about questions that need to be asked and that need to be challenged. This class was enlightening in the fact that it helped me to grow and apply what I learned to everyday life.  It challenged me is definitely worth your time!" Paulina Dominguez