Monday - 7:30am - 7:30pm Tues. - Fri. - 7:30am-4:30pm


Get your grounds underground!

 Located in the lower-level of St. Paul Catholic Student Center


We hope that students will find the warm ambiance inviting for study, conversation, deep reflection and discussion upon the ultimate questions of purpose, meaning, existence, life, God and so much more.  You will meet awesome people, encounter great love, and find a place of adventure, where you can become a human being fully alive for God's glory!  

ABOUT THE NAME: credo is a way of life.  

Our CREDO is best expressed in the manner we live, our deeds, and the love we show!


There is something much more to reality than what meets the eye.  Essentially, that's what we mean whenever we say the word Credo.  Credo is Latin for "I believe."  The Church is a living organism, a body, a society formed around belief in God's promise for humanity.  Moreover this society is visible, and the beliefs that we, the Church hold are not to remain expressed only in language, as if it were something merely intangible.  Credo is a way of life.

 Find more information about  Mystic Monk Coffee here!

Find more information about Mystic Monk Coffee here!


Sean Wheeler | Manager | 316-633-5268 |

I am a sophomore at Wichita State University, and I am majoring in exercise science with a minor in Spanish. I grew up going to school and church at St. Mary’s Derby, but  I now call St. Paul’s my home parish. I have been involved at St. Paul’s since the beginning of my freshman year at WSU, and it has been tremendously helpful in guiding and supplementing my faith in college. In addition to all of these, I lead Men’s Group and regularly serve as an altar server and sacristan. I look forward to managing and helping Credo Coffee to serve the college students at WSU in a charitable and Christ-like way.

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