November 8-10, 2019

A retreat for students by students!

Crossroads is one of the most important events of the year. It is a once a year retreat put on by a growing family of students, having experienced the retreat themselves, who come together each year to plan the next year's retreat for other students. This retreat is full of tradition, surprises, and deep spirituality. 

The events of the retreat are kept secret from new participants and thus the traditions of the retreat remain hidden but to the students who have experienced it. This ensures that new participants are allowed to experience the retreat in exciting newness and without expectation. This makes the retreat both memorable and powerful. 

In fact, the power of students witnessing their Faith to their peers cannot be overstated. Every student involved in making the retreat happen gives an incredible amount of time and effort into putting on the retreat, and sacrifice is required. But they are OK with that. More than OK, they embrace the sacrifice because they know how valuable this retreat is! They know the importance it has had in their lives and they are willing to make those sacrifices so that other students can experience the same growth. Experiencing Crossroads gives each participant a real glimpse at the heart of the Catholic Student Center, and truly, Christianity itself.