we only really love god in as much as we love the person we love the least--dorothy day

October 17th-18th is fall break initiative or fbi

Every fall break the Catholic Student Center sponsors a Fall Break Initiative or FBI for short.  It's a great way to build community, fulfill the command of Christ to serve the poor and to satisfy needed service hours! The Fall Break Initiative will be October 12th-13th, 2015 (Monday & Tuesday).

Last Fall, St. Paul Catholic Student Center offered students an alternative to slacking off for a few days before hitting the books the night before classes began again. The Fall Break Initiative came in two parts split between improvements at the Student Center and volunteer work in the community. The work was done over the Monday and Tuesday of Fall Break and was punctuated by prayer and fun. At St. Paul's, students stained the benches that they always flock to on Monday nights to watch volleyball, built a fire pit right in St. Paul's backyard, deep cleaned the kitchen they use so often, and reorganized the most popular room in the Student Center to open up more space in it. 

In the community, students prepared letters for A Better Choice, a pro-life pregnancy center that needed to prepare for it's Christmas fund raising. The students spent hours preparing thousands of letters. Finally, after the saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the students put away the letters and prepared to go to volunteer at The Lord's Diner which serves dinner to the poor and homeless every night of the week. The students offered up their dinner for those they served, fasting from the hour of mercy at three in the afternoon till they had served every single person and finished cleaning up at The Lord's Diner. Yet the entire time, smiles never left their faces. Their joy was apparent to everyone there, and the staff at The Lord's Diner commented that the students were some of the best volunteers they had ever been blessed with.