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Please consider a tax-deductible gift to St. Paul Catholic Student Center, 100% of your gift goes to support our campus ministry program at Wichita State that makes available amazing opportunities to our youth!

Immediate Need:

1. CHRIST ON CAMPUS:  a building maintenance and mission fund!

The brick and mortar is a place where great encounters take place.  Please consider making a gift toward our building needs and future dreams!

Be a part of something great with your gift... you can make a one time gift or set up a recurring e-gift

Be a part of something great with your gift...

you can make a one time gift or set up a recurring e-gift

for truly God will never be outdone in generosity.”

2. The Fugate Chair of Catholic Thought is a fund set up to support the intellectual opportunities provided to college students at St. Paul, such as the for-credit college Humanities Program, general formation opportunities, retreats and FOCUS.


Giving and Tithing: Insights from a Disciple of Christ

 It is counter-intuitive to give first.  This is how Christ asks us to live! 
Rick Warren offers some good insights into the difference between a worldly management of money and a disciple's management of money, and he acknowledges the way that it is counter-intuitive, because our first instinct is store up for ourselves.
1. Here is how the world tells us to manage our money:                     

Earn our money.

Enjoy it. Usually we over-enjoy it, which lands us in debt.

Repay our debt from overspending.

Save for future needs once you're out of debt.

Give, if and when anything is left over!

2. Here is how a disciple manages money:

Earn our money.

Give first




This is not easy and all of us, no matter who we are, whether ordained, religious, single lay person or married, our first instinct, and most basic desire, is to look out for ourselves.

Gifts of Stock, Bequests, Monthly Giving Society and more...

Real Estate/Bequests

Have you thought of making a planned gift?  To this day, St. Paul has not received a gift of real estate or a bequest.  But these are ways of helping St. Paul secure the future of our college ministry program.   


Naming St. Paul Catholic Student Center as a beneficiary of an IRA or other qualified retirement plan may save your heirs and your estate a potential tax burden. The gift can be made simply, by using your beneficiary designation forms.

Charitable Trusts

There are several types of charitable trusts that you can create to support St. Paul.  A charitable trust is an attractive way to sell a highly appreciated asset tax free, and reinvest it to provide you with a lifetime of income. A charitable trust can also be flexible to allow you to make future contributions and receive additional income tax deductions.

Gift Donations

Today college students face unprecedented challenges and obstacles to living their faith.  as a college parish, our role is to offer a helping hand.  St. Paul walks the awesome adventure that is college with the students, through all of the joys, pressures, sorrows that youth encounter, we are here with Christ through our liturgical life, student social life, formational opportunities of classes for-credit and non-credit, bible studies and just a place to relax and kickback. That's what it means to be a college parish to, as Pope Francis says: Journey together toward the Lord!