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It all started when...

the diocese began a mission of evangelization and support for the university environment in a systematic way by 1949.  Although there is a great deal of evidence to show that there was a Catholic presence and involvement in the life of the university much earlier, a consensus has been reached that the diocesan coordinated effort for a more consistent presence was sometime close to the year of 1949.  

As the Catholic community at Wichita State University grew, it was determined that in the spiritual best interest of those students, faculty and staff in the university environment, an university parish would be established.  Bishop David Maloney erected St. Paul to be a University Parish at Wichita State on February 10, 1970!  Canon Law makes a provisions to establish parishes where it is beneficial to people who have affiliation with a particular place or movement, however, these parishes are qualitatively different in that they have no borders or boundaries and therefore, canonically are referred to as "personal parishes."   People become parishioners through association and/or registration.  

The permanent community members at St. Paul are pillars of the community.  In a place that serves a great number of youth, and where there is a high volume of turnover, it is a wonderful blessing to have a community of individuals and families to support and provide stability in the important apostolate of our parish, which is to serve as a Catholic Student Center (providing a place of faith & formation for those within the university life).  While our apostolate and mission is obviously focused on college students, there are events for the whole parish, as well as specific events geared toward the permanent community members (both social and formational).  

We hope that you will consider becoming a part of this vibrant parish community, which seeks to grow in Christian discipleship through hospitality, prayer, formation and service.  Our university parish family is centered around the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy, specifically the Eucharist.  St. Paul has a unique and precious mission to support and serve the youth at a particularly important time in their life, and because we believe as the Fathers of the Church taught that our prayer shapes our belief and our belief shapes our life, careful attention is given to the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy, particularly the Eucharist, so that the splendor of Catholicism might be evident and the encounter with Christ made more readily accessible. St. Paul focuses a great amount of energy in preparing the Sunday Liturgies and in the celebration of all the Sacraments, but most especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation.  This is why we provide four Sunday masses, with Reconciliation available prior to each Mass (except before the 9 pm).