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Go Roman.

What is Roman Rush?

Roman Rush is a weekend getaway that gathers students together to enjoy outdoor activities, meeting new people and building memories for a lifetime! Here's a taste of what it was like last year:

St. Paul brought over 60 college students on Roman Rush! 

Arriving late in the evening, students unpacked and introduced themselves to each other before being presented with the activities planned for the next day. After the brief meeting, everybody was invited to jump into the pool for water sports and games, after which everyone got to dry off and explore the grounds! The students got to enjoy a Saturday packed with fun ranging from kick ball to volleyball, kayaking to high diving in the lake, and even zip lining over the water!

The height of the fun was in the mid morning though, when the everyone got to try out the quadraline, a pole reaching over the 30 feet which the students where instructed to climb up and then jump off with the goal of hitting a target. As students lined up to get their safety equipment and strap into the ropes for the jump, anxious chatter and bursts of laughter animated the air. There was a real sense of accomplishment at the bottom of the quadraline, as students unharnessed and rejoined the others who had been down the line before them; everyone had a story to tell.  

Saturday ended with the students gathering around a bonfire, toasting marshmallows and talking about the day before splitting back into teams for glow-in-the-dark Frisbee. 

When Sunday rolled around, the students were up bright and early, packing up clothes and stuffing cars before heading to Mass with Fr. John. Everyone was exhausted but still buzzing with excitement about the events of the weekend by the time they got back Sunday afternoon.

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